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To ensure optimal production, W-Kracht selects experienced and reputable turbine suppliers that deliver reliable and proven technology.
W-Kracht applies strict selection criteria that often lead to cooperation with the largest wind turbine producers in the world. ‘Proven technology’ that has been in use for many years is key.
All-in O&M contracts are closed on a 24/7 basis in which prevention is key which leads to a minimum of technical interventions due to failure. A minimal business availability is also guaranteed. For the scheduled inspections of the wind turbines we enlist independent inspection agencies.

Production is based on the production forecasts of independent consultants, based on years of statistics and verified with already operating turbine farms. Losses and uncertainties due to farm effects, roughness of terrain, micro-siting, obstacles, power losses, energy curve guarantees, availability-guarantees, etc. are incorporated in the forecasts.

Apart from that, the exploitation of wind turbines is generally rather simple. In the case of W-Kracht with all-in long term O&M contracts and the use of proven technology in all cases, the technical risk is considered very low.