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Choice of location

Belgium is one of the most densely populated regions in the world. Therefore, it is necessary to pay sufficient attention to a well-advised choice of location for wind turbine projects. Disturbance to nearby residents should always be kept to a minimum. Therefore, a thorough analysis of the visual, acoustic or other possible impact on the area is essential, along with communication with and involvement of the local community to guarantee a wide public support for new projects.
It is also important to place the wind turbine(s) close to ‘large infrastructures’ already present, such as motorways, railways, waterways, power lines, industrial estates, etc., so as not to change the landscape unnecessarily or too dramatically.
Projects will also need to be tested in terms of their impact on nature (fauna and flora), aviation, safety...

Since 1999, environmental permits and building permits for the building of wind turbines can only be granted in a limited number of designated areas. Since April 2008 it became possible to also grant permits for wind turbines or wind farms in agricultural areas (in so far they do not compromise the general assignment (agriculture)). In such cases, the possible effects of the siting concerning efficient land use, possible disruption of the exploitation (or possibilities thereof) and scenic qualities must be evaluated.